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Welcome to your San Francisco Attractions, Bay Area Vacation and Travel Guide. I'm sure this website will help you find some fun and exciting places for you to visit! Not to mention help you save money as well. I'll make sure that by the end of your trip, you'll HELLA love SF.

I know it can be overwhelming to plan a vacation, especially to a city as big as San Francisco. There are so many things to do, so many things to see, you wouldn't know what to do first! There are so many places to go to, yet so little time...

...But don't worry. Consider me as your personal tour guide! I'll let you know which attractions are worth going to. So that way it'll save you money, time, and the effort in trying to do everything there is to do!

I'll advise you on the best San Francisco attractions, tours, museums, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. and show you where you can get the cheapest tickets to these attractions, discounts, deals, and more!

Allow me to show you how to best plan your trip...(or your day-cation if you live nearby) based on your budget, time, and taste!

See you around,
Your friendly, local SF travel guide :)

Here are some of my favorite things to do here in the Bay Area...

Go to the Beach!
Even though many people may think that San Francisco and the Bay Area is too much of a city life, there are some beaches and naturistic spots to go to. One of the popular beaches in the Bay Area is Baker Beach in San Francisco:

We went here during summer of last year. There were many tourists, but we were still able to find a spot where we could just chill back and relax. You could also enjoy the view of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge! The water is a pretty serene blue and sits on top of fine, warm sand.

Enjoy the Museums!
There are a variety of museums and galleries in the bay area. One of the popular San Francisco attractions that children enjoy is the Exploratorium:

Although this place is a popular destination for field trips in school aged children, adults of course will find this place entertaining. I know my boyfriend, friends, and I did. There's plenty of cool displays in the museum, like this toilet drinking fountain. I dare you to drink from it.

Enjoy the Nightlife!
Dance clubs in San Francisco and other bay area cities are a hit for adults of all ages. Some clubs provide guest lists which allow an individual to enter for free before a certain time. Others provide bottle services at a discounted price for a group of 10 people or more. Either way, you're bound to have fun dancing the night away!

Speaking of nightlife...the city looks quite glamorous at night!

This is what Treasure Island looks like at night. It was mighty cold staying there for quite some time trying to get our camera to stay still enough to capture the beauty of the lights (we forgot our tripod) but it was well worth it.
In, you'll find a recommendation of Bay Area and San Francisco attractions, restaurants, deals, and other tips/advice that I truly do recommend. I recommend them because I've been and experienced these attractions. I wouldn't suggest any San Francisco attractions or other places I haven't been to simply because I want to provide you honest feedback on them. I'm not affiliated with any of these business locations, so I don't get anything from you visiting them and whatnot. I'm simply a local girl writing about my favorite places and things to do in the city. I enjoy sharing these places and activities with you because I'm passionate with what I like to do...Besides, you could use my help in finding some great San Francisco attractions and a few good deals, tips and advice. :)

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If you think that San Francisco attractions are way too expensive to enjoy, I also got a couple of affordable "Things To Do' In San Francisco...Hey, I'm broke too, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the city! :)

...But... If you're more on the "high end" and able to splurge, San Francisco offers some luxurious and exquisite attractions and accomodations for you as well!

The City of San Francisco

You haven't really been to California if you haven't been to San Francisco...(and LA).

san francisco attractionsWelcome to San Francisco

One of the reasons why I love living here in the Bay Area is because of the diversity that it offers. The differences in the cultures here bring about the most interesting locations..and food... here in San Francisco.

Not to mention, the city of San Francisco is quite welcoming to newcomers. These friendly people would be glad to show you where things are if any case you get lost.

In my neighborhood, it seems like "everybody knows everybody" and we all kind of just hang out...I never really get bored around here. Like I said, there's so many things to do, so many places to see...

...and I'll show you all of them ;).

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